Water has been integral to life in Egypt, be it the mighty river Nile or even the marshes in the delta. What better way to explore the locales than onboard your very own speed boat. Dolphin Speed Boats was founded as a result of my passion for the sea and my ambition to revolutionize boat manufacturing in Egypt. With our boats of superior quality that are ideal for leisure and entertainment, we hope to transform the lives of boat owners.  

At Dolphin Speed Boats, we believe that your speed boat is a true reflection of your personality. Every boat is designed keeping in mind your preferences. This approach, combined with our meticulous attention to detail, helps us craft boats that will be your pride. Through our finely crafted boats that are made to perfection, we ensure that we provide an exceptional experience to all our customers. Our team of passionate professionals is our greatest asset. Their creative outlook and experience sets them apart. Each boat is manufactured with top-notch materials, features advanced design, cutting-edge technology, and innovation, at par with international standards.

Owning a speed boat gives you the feeling of having your own private sanctuary on water. It gives you the freedom to explore new places. This is the experience we at Dolphin Speed Boats want to create for boat enthusiasts in Egypt.

Hussein Ei Bagouri
Managing Director