Your ONE-STOP-SHOP for all factory quality support

We ensure your boats are well maintained and receive the best quality of service, directly from the factory. This is our top priority, as we know that our clients cannot afford any delay in such services. We realize that your boats deserve the best care and attention, directly from the manufacturers, so that they are always in a suitable condition to sail and fulfill your passions. This is the added value we guarantee to our clients, who make the smart choice of purchasing world-class boats, with affordable prices, and an exceptional quality of service. No need to wait months for a spare part to be shipped from abroad, or for a technician to travel in to fix your boat, we are here, ready to serve you from the next door.

Our Warranty

To ensure that you have a seamless experience with your speed boat, we offer warranty on our products. Our warranty period ranges from 1-2 years, depending on the making of the boat. On engine and accessories, in case purchased from Dolphin Speed Boats, we offer a warranty of one year. On hull, deck, and all fiberglass materials, our warranty period is 2 years.

Added Value Services

We deliver a complete 360 degrees service from our highly trained and qualified team of professionals. Each individual team member has gained years of valuable experience and passion for what we do. Rest assured that we manufacture state-of-the-art products, exclusively built for you. There is nothing our exceptional team cannot fix, be ensured to sail at any time and enjoy your next marine adventure.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

For all categories of speedboats from all leading brands, we guarantee you peace of mind regarding all maintenance requirements as we deal directly with the factory. Our most important added value is being a locally based business with world class quality. You can always be confident to receive the best maintenance services, on time, and at your location. No need to wait months for spare parts or for a technician to travel in for getting your boat fixed. We are here for you, ensuring your time is well spent afloat on the waves with maximum pleasure.

Maintenance and retrofit

The fact that we are a locally based business with world class quality gives us an added advantage over any other boat manufacturer in the market. In terms of maintenance service, we guarantee you that you will have it at the highest level, on time, and at your location. Moreover, as far as the fixing process of your boat is concerned, you can be assured that you will not have to wait for months to receive your spare parts or for a technician to travel to your place and get your boat fixed. We assure that we are here for you at your service, ensuring that your time on water is spent with maximum pleasure (Revised due to repetition). We can maintain all categories of speedboats from all leading brands.

Boat Customization

We have a complete range of top accessories that can be installed on your boat to provide you with the most luxurious and enjoyable boating experience. You will get the factory’s assurance to extend the features of your boat with guaranteed compatibility and quality for the customization work. No need to feel that your boat features are limited, or that you are stuck with what you have. This is the added value we deliver to you when you buy directly from the factory beside you.

Custom Boat Building

If you are a boat designer or a marine architect, we can be your extended manufacturing facility, where you can be granted full access to our state-of-the-art production capabilities. We can make your dreams come true and your ideas become the best boats in the market. You can join us in launching your boat brand and becoming a leader in the boat manufacturing market.


Our boats are built for extreme temperatures of varying degrees and to endure different environmental forces. Built with durable materials to endure the coolest winters and the hottest summers, we assure you that our products will always be in the best suitable condition. You will never have to worry about freezing or jamming of any of our engines, accessories, or sailing systems, as we ensure a responsive and reliable sailing experience throughout all seasons of the year.